Surgiacal Tape

Non-woven medical tape

Time:2012-11-19 21:49:30  

Product description:
Non-woven tape, adopt medical non-woven cloth with PSA, and coated with release paper.
1. Breathable: The mesh structure of water thorn non-woven can make skin natural breathing, and eliminate water vapor sweat,thus effectively reduce the wound infection.
2. Hypoallergenic: High quality PSA with moderate viscosity, no irritation to the wound, and no harm to the skin when removal.
3. Compliance: Soft and thin and elastic material, adapts to the contours of the body curves. Don't interfere with the activities of the body.
Used in general protection.
1. Forbid using if the wound has become infected and ulcer.
2. Can not be used for the arterial catheter fixing.
3. Cannot replace suture, stop bleeding, skin degerming, drying and other methods.
4. Should select the appropriate of dressing, to ensure its firmly fit the wound surroundings, shall not stretch or will cause tension and damage to the skin.
5. When removing the dressing, pay attention to the catheter and other equipment under it.
The products can be manufactured based on the customers' requirements.

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